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White Analyst Makes Bad Diversity Joke, Too Far? – MMXLII

White Analyst Makes Bad Diversity Joke, Too Far?

Humor is one of the things that can bring a diverse gathering of people together as they are able to share a laugh about their differences. But if the joke isn’t delivered correctly a joke can be seen as offensive or tasteless. To us this is the case here. Basketball analyst Doug Gottlieb made a diversity joke a few days back during a nationally televised show. After clips of this segment made it around the internet there are some people ready to call Gottlieb racist. Others believe he’s a good person that made a bad joke. Gottlieb basically alluded to him being the minority at the analyst table and giving a “white man’s perspective” on something. CNN debates with several journalists if this is any different than other scenarios where someone of a black ethnicity has mentioned being the only black at a table and giving their unique perspective on a topic. We don’t think Gottlieb did anything wrong here, the joke just wasn’t executed well. But it’s very interesting to see how people comprehend a joke as racist when a white man makes himself out to be the minority, especially when our country is shifting toward that very dynamic.

Watch Gottlieb’s “bad diversity” joke HERE.

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