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What type of Asian are You? [video] – MMXLII

What type of Asian are You? [video]

This video by Ken Tanaka has been making rounds. It adresses a stereotypical question that most ethnicities get: “what type of____ are you?” The whole point of this video is that if you are of Caucasian, you are less likely to get that question (What type of Caucasian are you anyone?). It’s what’s called the white privilege where being “white” makes your ethnicity a non-relevant question that doesn’t require any explanation or justification. It’s the norm and all the other ethnicities are judged in relation to that norm. This is changing though as MMXLII is here to report, in a near future the norm might be something completely different (in Dave Chappelle’s words, we will all be grey). Video after the break.


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