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TV Show ‘Friends’ Moves to Beijing – MMXLII

TV Show ‘Friends’ Moves to Beijing

Ok not quite, but the place the cast met at and hung out in most [if not all] episodes, Central Perk Cafe, has been recreated in Beijing. The owner who sees himself as Gunther from the show has built his dedication to the show into a business. Du Xin who sees ‘Friends’ as a religion and lifestyle has made this replica cafe as part of an apartment block’s sixth floor. As crazy and obsessed as Xin may seem the place serves as a place of education and honor. Chinese students can learn English here and patrons in general can learn things about the show the cafe is modeled after. Menu items are based off of items that were mentioned in the show. Xin believes that many Chinese youth enjoy the whole ambience because it speaks to a culture that many of the local youth want to be a part of. That culture being American. This even involves casual sexual encounters that by some fans have been detailed down to the number of occurences in the 236 episode series. Xin has also taken some things a bit further due to his obsession with ‘Friends’. To read those details check out the article on NPR.

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