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Totally Biased: Hari Kondabolu’s Columbus Day Wish [VIDEO] – MMXLII

Totally Biased: Hari Kondabolu’s Columbus Day Wish [VIDEO]

Apologies. Columbus Day has come and gone, and I didn’t have the chance to observe the occasion with this sweet clip from Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell. Here’s our friend comedian/writer Hari Kondabolu dropping some knowledge on why Christopher Columbus is still the bane of Indians everywhere, and why Italians should embrace a new hero:

Screw Christopher Columbus. Long live Joe DiMaggio. – Angry Asian Man

We know that there are various ways that people in America feel about the role of Christopher Columbus in “discovering” America as well as America having a day dedicated to him.  How people view based off of cultural background is also interesting.  What do you think of Columbus and his “holiday”.


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  1. Hari Kondabolu’s skit on Totally Biased for Columbus Day was
    hilarious. That’s the one thing about this show that I like so much: a diverse
    cast of comedians/ writers pointing out social inaccuracies amongst other things.
    I’ve had the timer on my Hopper set since the season started and it makes catching
    up after work really easy. My favorite part of his skit was about why Indians from
    have to declare themselves as such. My DISH co-worker didn’t quite understand the
    humor but I reassured her that if she watched it again it would become clear. I
    love this show!

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