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Top 5 Pop Culture Changing Brands via HighSnobiety – MMXLII

Top 5 Pop Culture Changing Brands via HighSnobiety

The headline itself here grabbed our attention and made us take a look. With the world being an ever-changing place, even more so these days it’s apparent that some brands embody and influence these changes. And even though it’s Pop Culture per say that the brands are changing, these changes influence cultures all over the world and how they continue to act with each other. Hit the jump to read the article.

Fight For Your Rights!

The essence of what makes really good communication has not changed much over the years – we want interesting ads with stopping power, that make us think, communicate a relevant brand message, make us feel some sort of emotion and that stay in our memories. These days we are quite used for adverts from brands to also have a social message attached – whether it be about protecting the environment or anti-racism or anti-war. However it was definitely not always ‘a given’ that social and political messages could be intermingled with a brand or product message. In fact fashion and lifestyle advertising generally tried to steer clear of anything that was deemed too socially active or god forbid , ‘political’. By the mid-80s, the HIV disease was discovered to be especially rife in the music and fashion scenes, which is arguably one of the factors that led to big fashion companies having a change of heart about their image and adverts. It was time to dig a little deeper and use their influence to help spread a message of peace, awareness and acceptance.

A number of daring brands decided to take their mediums of radio, TV, billboard or even the front of a T-shirt and use them not just to advertise their own name and wares but express and encourage an ethical agenda for good. In the face of governments that didn’t seem to give a damn about the lesser well off or listen to a word young people said (the UK had a Tory government throughout the 80′s and 90′s, and the U.S had a Bush administration through the 80′s and 2000’s) – it’s not surprising that creative companies have stepped up to the plate over the years and taken on the role of educator to the masses. If at times that meant shocking the public to their very core, then so be it. Here we salute a top 5 (with one newcomer) who were seminal to making changes in pop culture forever.

Check them all out in the full article at High Snobiety.


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