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The Potential Impact of Blacks and Latinos On Presidential Politics – MMXLII

The Potential Impact of Blacks and Latinos On Presidential Politics

With election season in full swing in Iowa and New Hampshire, politics has been popping up more and more in recent weeks. Fusion broadcast the Iowa Brown & Black Democratic Presidential Forum on Monday to discuss minority issues, which is a must watch. But Brent Wilkes wrote an incredibly important article on the heels of the Forum as well. Wilkes article details how Black and Latino people in Iowa can potential change Presidential politics.

The real argument from the article is below. Please do yourself a favor and read the whole article to understand how Blacks and Latinos can have such a huge impact on the Iowa vote and how that in turn impacts Presidential politics in other states as well.

Should half of Iowa’s registered Latino and black voters decide to participate in the Iowa Caucuses this year, they could make up 20% of the voters participating in the first electoral event of the Presidential primaries. That would turn conventional wisdom on its head and forever change Presidential politics. Yet even a modest increase in Latino and black voter participation could cause Iowa’s results to defy the early polling, which is based upon the voter participation staying as it has been.


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