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The Opposite of Road Rage – How Japanese Drivers Say Thank You – MMXLII

The Opposite of Road Rage – How Japanese Drivers Say Thank You

Communication with your fellow drivers can be a tricky thing. Giving someone a thumbs up in one country might mean “thank you, everything is cool” while in a another country this gesture might mean “stick it up your…” Well you get the idea.  The point being, it’s important to understand the nuances of non-verbal communication. So we thought it was interesting to take note of this unique way that Japanese drivers say “thank you” to one another.

The road is a place where a diverse range of people all come together making non-verbal gestures a valuable tool for communicating with your fellow drivers, as well as an interesting study in cross cultural communication. It also makes you think about how sometimes one culture can introduce a new type of communication practice (the high five or the peace sign for example) that can catch on around the world. These days it seems like we’re overdue for a new gesture based around appreciation and gratitude.

Perhaps we can all learn from this Japanese technique for saying thank you while on the road — bringing a bit more politeness, kindness and etiquette back into the driving experience can only be a good thing.

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