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The Jersey Shore of England (Documentary) via VICE [VIDEO] – MMXLII

The Jersey Shore of England (Documentary) via VICE [VIDEO]

An interesting documentary about what people in Europe’s beauty capital are doing to be “beautiful”.  It’s interesting to see that the tanning and injections are not just limited to “insecure” Americans but seems to be a global phenomenon.  It’s also interesting to see how certain cultures are looked at differently for being dark skinned while some of these cultures that look down on them are known to use extreme methods to darken their own skin.

There are more gyms and tanning salons per head in Liverpool than anywhere else in the UK. We meet the eccentrics that define Europe’s capital city of beauty, including: tan-obsessed Carolyn, who’s willing to inject herself with chemicals to darken her skin, Liverpool’s “King of Bling”, a celebrity hairdresser, and many more. – VICE

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