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That’s F*cked Up: Slave-Run Plantation Recreated in ‘The Sims 3’ – MMXLII

That’s F*cked Up: Slave-Run Plantation Recreated in ‘The Sims 3’

THIS CANNOT be real life, can it? This just seems wrong on so many counts. I know the Sims is a place where you can create your own virtual world and live other lives, but what does it say about your subconscious mindset when you’re willing to make something like this for your personal entertainment? Complex ran this story yesterday, check it out:

Redditor BourgeoisBanana admitted today, “When I get bored in The Sims I start doing terrible things,” which apparently includes using a heavily modded copy of The Sims 3 to recreate a reasonably historically accurate southern plantation, complete with a veritable host of slaves.

All we can say is that’s fucked up.

At least, judging by the last pic, Django is already on the scene—he’s sure to set things right. Now if only The Sims 3 let your characters go on murderous, bloody rampages.

[via reddit]

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