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Some Other Race; How Do We Count Hispanics? – MMXLII

Some Other Race; How Do We Count Hispanics?

For many the break down of what’s considered Hispanic can be a confusing one. It’s definitely left the census confused and with immigration being one of the largest topics for legislature a closer look. With Hispanics, they can fit into a number of various races and recently a good number of them via the census have categorized themselves as some other race. This confusion has the census looking into collapsing the race and ethnicity questions into one looking to clarify origin. It’s led Hispanics to almost become a de facto race. This isn’t the first time this has happened as European immigrants from years ago have grown into what we know as ‘white’ in America. Hit the jump to see some insight on this issue. Let us know your thoughts on the article in the comments section.

“…Hispanic origin, and then to say what race they belonged to. Half identified themselves as white. But over a third ticked a box marked “Some other race”. As a result, “some other” emerged as America’s third-largest racial grouping.”


last year the Pew Hispanic Centre found that among Hispanics of the third generation or above, almost half preferred to call themselves “American”.


But today savvy marketers must find subtler ways to appeal to a still-distinct but more assimilated Hispanic audience.

[Full Article: The Economist]

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