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PUMA and ASOS Black Visit the Favelas and Graffiti Artists of Brazil [VIDEO] – MMXLII

PUMA and ASOS Black Visit the Favelas and Graffiti Artists of Brazil [VIDEO]

“The only way to push forward is to risk something important.” After catching a glimpse of the trailer a few weeks ago, PUMA and ASOS Black have unveiled the full-length film Os Pixadores that follows the “Pixadores” graffiti artists of Brazil as they put it all on the line within the favelas of the city and throughout Sao Paolo, Brazil. Using their art as a voice, Pixadores find their stride in the risk afforded by scaling new heights and emblazoning their tags in various localities throughout the city that effectively give a voice to those to whom society has ignored. With assistance by PUMA and ASOS Black, London-based filmmaker Ben Newman and his crew traveled to Sao Paolo, Brazil to follow various Pixa artists as they paint the city with their recognizable, runic graffiti.

[Hypebeast Q&A w/ Director]

It’s interesting how much graffiti/street art is associated with hip-hop and as much as the music element has infiltrated the world the other elements aren’t as discussed in the same light.  Over the past few months we’ve noticed street art being more of the voice of the community and really being the new push for activism around the world.  Whether it be Africa, Latin America, Europe or right here in the United States.  Do you think this push via street art is paying off and giving the underprivileged a voice?  Is there a connection to the growth of this activism and the punishments that some governments are trying to place on local street artists?

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