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MIXLY Roundup

Is Miss America Too Indian to be Miss India?

Most of the media coverage of Nina Davuluri’s historic Miss America win has focused on the racism it’s revealed here in the United States. Despite our near-obsession with the ugly world of Twitter racists, we were intrigued by this article that asked a different question about another kind of prejudice. In the face of pervasive colorism, would the relatively dark-skinned new Miss America ever have a shot at being Miss India?

Sesame Street Adds a Character


Sesame Street, beloved children’s show and champion of diversity (where else do black people, white people, Jewish people, red monsters, Snuffleapagi, big birds, and grouches all co-exist so harmoniously) continues that tradition with their 44th season, adding Puerto Rican native Ismael Cruz Cordova to the cast as Armando – and part of a special emphasis on Hispanic heritage.

Why We Actually Totally Need White History Month

From the same folks who brought you that hilarious “Hipster, Please” video last week, we have a list of totally legitimate, definitely not whiny or privileged or entitled reasons why we need a White History Month.

Why We Say Asian People Have “Almond Eyes”

Have you ever heard an Asian person’s eyes described as “alond shaped” and wondered what the heck kind of almonds the other person was talking about? NPR brings us the history of this weird cliché.

Invisible Man Banned in North Carolina

A North Carolina County has banned Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man from school libraries. It’s easy to see that there might be an ugly racial dimension to the decision, but this author’s inner English major is still too busy cringing from the school board’s reasoning that the classic novel had no “literary value,” was “a hard read,” and was “too much for teenagers,” to consider any wider implications.

Integration of University of Alabama Sororities

To end this on a positive note, we have the encouraging follow up to a story from last week’s roundup. Following a bit of a scandal over allegations that alumni and school officials had blocked black applicants, the school announced plans to more thoroughly integrate their Greek system. Just fifty years too late, guys!

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