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MIXLY Recommends: Best of the Fung Bros. – MMXLII

MIXLY Recommends: Best of the Fung Bros.

We’ve been big fans of the Fung Bros. for a while. Comedy duo and real-life brothers David and Andrew Fung talk and rap about some very important subjects about a variety of subjects, with some of their favorites being Asian food, Asian stereotypes, and their majority-Asian adopted hometown, the Los Angeles-area San Gabriel. We could extol the virtues of the Fung Bros. and their clever, insightful humor all day, but since the vast majority of their content is available on YouTube we thought we’d do one better and bring you the best of the Fung Bros.!

The Jeremy Lin Effect


One of the Bros. earlier pieces, this video plays off current events (namely, Linsanity) to depict the birth of an entirely new Asian stereotype.



A Wiz Khalifa-inspired ode to the San Gabriel Valley, and its spectacular collection of delicious and authentic Asian food.



Another music video paying homage to that most Asian of tapioca balls.

Asian Stereotypes


The Bros. use the vlog to address the really heavy stuff. Check out this video on Asian stereotypes to get an idea.
If you liked these videos and want more like them, they can be found on the Fung Bros. YouTube channel and official website.

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  1. I love the Fung brothers!!!! They’re such an awesome and inspiring duo! I appreciate that they discuss heavy subjects in such a real and often comedic way. I’m able to relate a lot to what they’re saying, albeit in different ways( My father is from Ghana and my mom is from Mexico). But watching their videos helped me build that courage to attend different cultural events around my area and self- reflect on my experiences. I get scared at times because I’m not sure if I`ll be welcomed but so far my experiences have been true eye openers and sometimes emotionally overwhelming (in a constructive-reason why I’m doing what i want/need to do way) Its a grand feeling and I know just the beginning in establishing solidarity among different communities.

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