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Minority Turnout a Curveball for GOP [VIDEO] – MMXLII

Minority Turnout a Curveball for GOP [VIDEO]

There has been a huge hoopla about the minority vote but rightfully so as there was a historical turnout.  The funny thing in the last couple days is the media talking about how that hurt Romney’s chances as well as other media outlets implying Obama cheated by using data analysis to target niches of voters.  To us this sounds all sorts of backwards in a “progressive” society.  It’s almost as if they didn’t expect minorities to vote and that Obama did something wrong by researching how to connect with the people on the issues that mattered to them.  Check out this video via CNN that we chose to post just based off the headline.  What do you make of these “curveballs” and implications of Obama’s campaign “cheating”.

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