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Minorities Impacting Elections In A New Way – MMXLII

Minorities Impacting Elections In A New Way

For 2016 Presidential hopefuls the road to the White House has already kicked off. Campaign teams across all 50 states are readying to launch their offensive come November, canvassing neighborhoods across the nation to capture the popular vote for their beloved candidate. Like a startup, such endeavors require extensive funding to ensure there are resources to maintain a competitive advantage.

To finance political campaigns, super PAC’s (Political Action Committee’s), are those obscure non-profit organizations that serve as the vehicles to raise large undisclosed sums of money for candidates.

“But if you want a speaker with substance and drive and executive experience, that’s Jeb.”

Such large gifts are traditionally made by wealthy private individuals who just so happen to historically be of caucasian descent. In this race, however, the landscape of American politics has evolved and so too have its donors that’s attracting a fresh and diverse class for 2016. As WSJ reports, Miguel “Mike” Fernandez, a power player in the healthcare industry, is the latest billionaire of Cuban-American descent that has been named as the benefactor of the $3 million gift to the Right to Rise super PAC, and the Jeb Bush campaign as at the receiving end. Read more about it here.

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