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Michelle Marshall Captures Beauty Of Redheads Of Color – MMXLII

Michelle Marshall Captures Beauty Of Redheads Of Color

Michelle Marshall has explored a number of different topics through her beautiful photography over the years. In her latest series she explored the MC1R gene.

Red hair is usually the result of a mutation in a gene called MC1R, also known as a melanocortin 1 receptor. Normally, when activated by a certain hormone, MC1R sparks a series of signals that leads to the production of brown or black pigment. Yet, in cases when both parents are carriers of the recessive MC1R gene and said receptor is mutated or antagonized, it fails to turn hair darker, resulting instead in a beautifully fiery buildup of red pigment.

Check out the photos below, and click here to read more.

the MC1R series


































55dbafa41d00006e00145bedthe MC1R series

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