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McDonald’s Not Connecting with Millennials – MMXLII

McDonald’s Not Connecting with Millennials

Most people think of the younger demographic in many of McDonald’s newest ads, however according to a top list of fast food the golden arches didn’t come across as a favorite for the influential demographic. Why not?

It seems that many marketers are very confused by this demographic as they can’t agree on the age range or how many of them exist in the United States. Below is a list of ideas that Ad Age gave McDonald’s to better connect with the Millennial generation. To read the full article click here.

How to Make More McMillennials

Generalizing for a group of people who are sometimes upwards of 15 to 20 years apart can be a dangerous move. Some demographers would even separate millennials into a few distinct subgroups. But there are some common themes and values held dear among all millennials.

Fresh and organic food: Millennials place an emphasis on the importance of organic and fresh food. Fast-casual chains do well with the demo because many of them promote a fresh or organic message.

Variety and customizable products: In the food world, millennials appreciate the ability to build their meals from an array of choices. Chains like Chipotle and Subway do well in this regard because each item is made to order.

Social change: Millennials care about social issues and tend to support companies that are actively helping address problems across the globe.

Sustainability: Particularly with food, millennials value companies that are proactive with sustainable farming practices and are environmentally conscious.

Social-savvy brands: Brands that have active Facebook and Twitter pages and engage in conversations with customers tend to have more long-term support from millennials.

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