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16-Year Old Singer Mali Nicole Tackles Stand Your Ground Laws – MMXLII

16-Year Old Singer Mali Nicole Tackles Stand Your Ground Laws

We’ve been following both the Trayvon Martin case and the Snoop Lion-backed No Guns Allowed campaign, so we’re excited to share the latest No Guns Allowed video from 16-year old pop and R&B singer Mali Nicole, which addresses the controversial topic of Stand Your Ground laws.

Stand Your Ground laws make it legal to use force (in the Martin case, deadly force) before retreating. In states without such laws, citizens have an obligation to attempt to run away before fighting back against criminal attack. The appeal of Stand Your Ground laws is apparent, but critics have argued that in practice they lead to unnecessary escalation and gun violence. The Trayvon Martin case highlighted those problems – for those of you who remember, it was Florida’s Stand Your Ground law that delayed George Zimmerman’s arrest by over a month.
We’d love to hear what you think. What’s your stance on Stand Your Ground laws? Has the Zimmerman trial affected your thinking? Did Mali’s video?

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