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Los Angeles’ War on Street Artists…Racially Driven? – MMXLII

Los Angeles’ War on Street Artists…Racially Driven?

As the city of Los Angeles comes up with more and more ways to crack down on graffiti, street art and tagging is it becoming overdone.  Are the punishments being handed out too much?  Does there seem to be an accelerated urgency to attack this issue because many of the people are minorities from the inner cities?  Is it fair that some of these artists are being treated like hardened criminals in our society? And why is the same city so fascinated with street artists from outside the country for art events?

Some choice quotes from the article:

“Released after four years for good behavior, he’s perhaps the most dramatic casualty to date in L.A.’s war on street art — a multipronged effort that views young graffiti artists as public enemy No. 1 and has destroyed even those graffiti-style murals painted with full consent of building owners. As galleries and museums increasingly recognize the movement’s artistic value, government officials only become more determined to wipe it from the streets.”

“To the art world, crews like MTA are collaborative groups that encourage creativity and growth. But the injunction would let cops arrest anyone tied to MTA, or to any other crew slapped with a similar injunction, merely for hanging out together in public, carrying a can of spray paint or violating a 10 p.m. curfew.”

“There are all these European artists being flown out to L.A. But me, a local girl, all my stuff is getting erased.” – Sand One

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