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“Lion, Witch & the Wardrobe” Coke Vending Machine reunites India & Pakistan [video] – MMXLII

“Lion, Witch & the Wardrobe” Coke Vending Machine reunites India & Pakistan [video]

For the ad, filmed in March, two high-tech Coca-Cola vending machines were wheeled into a shopping mall in Lahore, Pakistan, and another in New Delhi, India. On the front of each machine was a giant, touch-activated 3-D screen. The two were connected, such that the vending machine in Lahore looked like a giant window right into New Delhi, and vice-versa. The machines invited mall-goers on either end to interact with one another, for example by touching hands “through” the screen, by tracing peace signs, even by sharing a dance. “

“The idea was to let citizens of both countries — long embroiled in a bitter political and religious battle — see and interact with each other, even complete shared tasks. Once those tasks were accomplished, the machines dispensed a Coke.” For more behind the scenes information, read Ad Age’s excellent post.  Here are some soundbites from the people involved in the video.

“The whole idea of touching hands, it’s like communicating with each other without words, actions speak louder than anything else”

“This is what we are supposed to do right? We are going to take minor steps, so we are going to solve bigger issues”

“It is more about how similar we are, as opposed to how different we are”

Watch the video after the break

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