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Lena Dunham Sets The Record Straight – MMXLII

Lena Dunham Sets The Record Straight

Lena Dunham recently posted about her support of Hillary Clinton on her Instagram. While this is nothing out of the ordinary for anyone to do, some people on Instagram sounded off in the comments saying that she only support Clinton because she’s a woman. Intimating that a women would only support Clinton because she’s a woman is incredibly degrading and offensive. Dunham responded:

“Accusing women of supporting Hillary just because she’s female is misogynistic BS. Women are smart enough to make decisions based on a number of factors: policy, track record, campaign strategy. Yes I think it’s time for a female president but I’m not part of a witch’s cabal that senses ovaries and suddenly MUST VOTE. Go ahead, argue your political POV but don’t insult a woman’s intelligence by acting as though she votes exclusively along vaginal party lines.”

Read a more in depth breakdown of the story on The Hollywood Reporter here.

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