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Latinos and the 2012 Elections: Time for Amnesty – MMXLII

Latinos and the 2012 Elections: Time for Amnesty

We are not in support or opposition of this article we came across on Latino LA today, but we did find it rather interesting.  As we all know, Latinos made a huge turnout for the Presidential Election and helped win the election for Obama.  With this in mind, Dr. Alvaro Huerta points out why Barack Obama owes a few things to the Latino community.

It’s imperative for both parties to incorporate a pathway to citizenship as a central theme of any proposed legislation: President Barack Obama owes Latinos big-time for his 2012 re-election victory. According to the polling group Latino Decisions, Obama received an overwhelming 75 percent of the Latino vote. Representing 10 percent of the electorate, Latinos played a pivotal role in Obama’s victory over former Governor Mitt Romney, particularly in key swing states, such as Nevada, Florida, New Mexico, Virginia and Colorado.

While Obama enjoyed the majority of Latino votes, including those of Asian Americans, African Americans, gays, unmarried women and young people, let’s not forget that the president failed to deliver for Latinos during most of his first term in the area of immigration — an important issue to many Latinos (and Asians). 

Instead of supporting policies in defense of this growing voting and demographic group, in his first term, Obama has deported more undocumented immigrants compared to his predecessor, George W. Bush, during the same time frame. For instance…

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