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Is Fish On Fridays a Fading Fad for Younger Catholics? – MMXLII

Is Fish On Fridays a Fading Fad for Younger Catholics?

With the new Pope and the choice of, much has been made about younger Catholics and their new progressive thinking. Some of this thinking is opposite of longstanding traditions. Is fish on Friday something their moving away from or is a larger trend in America as far as food a larger factor? A research survey showed that consumption of fish is down within the 18-34 demographic recently in comparison to that demographic 25 years ago. The older demographic has remained constant however. Because this survey didn’t single out Catholic households the information isn’t necessarily a direct link to younger Catholics. The information is assumed however because during Lent, the US fish consumption goes up. Another theory is that this younger demographic, [which would include Catholics] 18-34, is already eating less meat as vegetarian and vegan lifestyles are more apparent within the demographic. What do you think? For more information on the story read the article from NPR by clicking the link below.

Read NPR Article: Are Younger Catholics Abandoning Fish On Fridays?

Over the last 25 years, NPD finds, the number of 18-to-34-year-olds who report eating fish at home during the Lenten season has dropped noticeably —from 66 percent in 1988 to 54 percent in 2012. Among older Americans, however, consumption remains steady. The data come from a survey that tracks the eating and drinking trends of a representative sample of households in the U.S


“With the cultural mainstreaming of vegetarianism and veganism in recent years,” Richert says via email, “maybe young people are choosing pasta or other alternatives.” Richert has compiled some Lenten recipes here, many of which contain no seafood at all.

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