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Interracial Dating Still Not “Okay” For White Pop Stars – MMXLII

Interracial Dating Still Not “Okay” For White Pop Stars

One Twitter user gets to their stupid point, plain and simple: “Lorde and Her Boyfriend Make Me Uncomfortable.”

Whenever someone crosses that sad pissing circle drawn around male celebrity, especially in music, there’s always a backlash. Now, I’m too old to really give a damn, but in this case, I’ll pipe up. Lorde, the New Zealand wunderkind who released her debut Pure Heroine this year, with smash-hit single “Royals,” is caught in a crosshairs for doing the unthinkable:

Dating an Asian guy.

These Internet trolls have taken to ripping apart Lorde and her boyfriend, photographer James Lowe. Apparently, fans of One Direction and Justin Bieber believe she called the artists “ugly.” Now, defenders of baby-faced white boys the Twitterverse-over are taking it upon themselves to unleash toxic and downright racist comments about Lowe, as first reported by Jezebel and Buzz Feed.

Outspoken about artists like Selena Gomex and Nicki Minaj, Lorde presents herself as a feminist and open critic of her fellow pop culture stars. This angered some young fans. “I think there’s a funny culture in music that’s only happened over the last 15 years, that if you have an opinion about something in music that isn’t 100 percent good, you’re a ‘hater,’ even if you have perfectly reasonable grounds for that critique,” Lorde told MTV News in October.

One Twitter user gets to their stupid point, plain and simple: “Lorde and Her Boyfriend Make Me Uncomfortable.”

This startling honesty is probably the realest thing we can expect from racists. Their discomfort comes from difference. Difference equals ugly, awkward and unsexy. Difference means we can’t imagine these two strolling on a beach, just as much as we can’t imagine them having sex. It’s hard for progressive folks to imagine, for interracial dating is as common as air. It just isn’t a big deal.

And Lorde, despite her youth, whiteness and cool factor is subject to the vehement denial (and disgust) of Asian male sexuality. By choosing to love James Lowe, it seems these haters believe she’s relegated herself to the U.S.’s dating netherworld. Among some of the Twitter users I clicked, it seemed that the respondents were predominantly young and from the U.S., white, South Asian,

We’ve become used to this sort of backlash from these sad bigots that troll the Internet, looking to bully and break people down. If Lorde had dated a Black or Latino pop star, there would be different permutations of the same sad problem. When we cast these normative standards of beauty and who we choose to love

Now, for those of us that love themselves some Asian men: hey Lorde, welcome to the club. For the rest of the vitriolic haters on Twitter:

Leave Lorde and her boyfriend the fuck alone.

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