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How The Nicki-Taylor Beef Taught Us To Ask The Right Questions – MMXLII

How The Nicki-Taylor Beef Taught Us To Ask The Right Questions

Twitter has been blowing up this week about feuds between Drake and Meek Mill as well as Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift. The beef between Nicki and Taylor has been covered all over the Internet including this hilarious one by Kara Brown of Jezebel. This is the tweet that started it all though.

We can debate the feud for days, but it also brought up a great topic of discussion that was expertly detailed by Yung Costanza on Noisey. His stance can be best summed up by the following quote.

“Again, my point isn’t that we shouldn’t strive to recognize the best and brightest talents in all things, but we should question why we are so willing to accept that broad and constant recognition of the same types of favored persons year after year is the product of an objective meritocracy.”

He goes on to make many other good and valid points about not just diversity but the way in which we talk about it. These are the types of conversations that are super important to have because it isn’t enough to talk about diversity, but what we are talking about when we talk about diversity.  Hopefully this fueled and inspire many other important discussions and conversations about this as well. Click here to read the whole article as it’s a must read!

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