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How Not to Have an Intelligent Discussion about Race and Ethnicity…? So How Do You? – MMXLII

How Not to Have an Intelligent Discussion about Race and Ethnicity…? So How Do You?

“How can we facilitate people learning more information about Jewish people and their culture? Put a Jew in a box and let folks ask him questions!”

Well that was the introduction for an article we found on Clutch Magazine today and boy did it get our attention. An interesting idea but one that obviously Clutch wasn’t to excited about. Now the beautiful thing about people and diversity, we can all disagree on things. Though at first glance it looks like this way of engaging people in talks of race, ethnicity, diversity, etc is a silly attempt to Clutch, we think it’s a bit witty. Granted this isn’t the best way to facilitate these conversations but by looking deeper at this art exhibit it makes one think, what is the right way to engage in these dialogues? The presentation of this exhibit does seem to make one person responsible for representing an entire race or ethnicity which isn’t exactly fair, but does that not allow for someone to engage a real person and learn from them? It’s interesting that this exhibit is located in Germany and is to learn about Jews given their historic relationship. Clutch Magazine doesn’t seem to think this is the way to heal that relationship, but where is the right place or the right way to initiate this dialogue? So if this exhibit isn’t the way to do it, does it not at least get people in the mindset of figuring out the best ways to create an intelligent dialogue? If it does any of this, then the exhibit has truly helped people take a step forward in learning from each other and accepting other people’s culture. Sounds like the power of diversity. Watch the video on the exhibit below and check out Clutch Magazine’s write up here.

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