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Hit or Miss? Taco Bell’s New Commercials – MMXLII

Hit or Miss? Taco Bell’s New Commercials

Blending cultures & generations, Taco Bell’s new spots appeal to many people for many reasons. Hit the jump to see just how and why.

By Max Powers

Home run, marketing department… One new Taco Bell commercial shows a young dad using his baby (complete with infant carrier) to pick up cute girls to the tune of Notorious B.I.G’s “Big Poppa”.  In Spanish.

By blending seemingly-clashing images & sounds, and playing a well-known song in a different language, Taco Bell establishes a quirky, original edge in it’s new spots.  This commercial appeals to many different target markets (including people with children, men in general, hip hop listeners, Spanish speakers & Taco Bell lovers), but most of all people who came of age in the 90s.  The generation of kids who grew up to Biggie’s (The Notorious B.I.G.’s well-known alias, square!) music are having kids of their own, and this unique twist on an old classic will resonate very much with a specific group.

But is it too specific?  While the “Grande Papi” commercial holds a 95%+ “like” rating on Tacos Bell’s official youtube page, the spot’s paltry 136,000 views is dwarfed by another Taco Bell commercial released the same day.*

Taco Bell’s “Viva Young” commercial (with a whooping 2.7 million views and a similar 95%+ “like” rating) shows several elderly people breaking out of a retirement home to party the night away set to the sounds of fun.’s “We Are Young” (again sung in Spanish).  This spot conveys a similar odd humor & blending of source material, but plays the “safe” route by appealing to… well, pretty much everyone.  “Funky Grandma” will never get old to the masses.

Which spot do you like better?  Weigh in below.

These commercials are another example of blending cultures for an exciting new tomorrow, which is exactly what we are talking about here at MMXLII!

(* It should be noted that “Grande Papi” was the Super Bowl PRE-Party commercial, and “Viva Young” was aired during the game itself, accounting for much additional word-of-mouth/ re-blog exposure.  Still, the people have spoken…)


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