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#GrowingUpBlack – MMXLII


This week the tag #GrowingUpBlack began trending on Twitter, and along with it came similar tags such as: #GrowingUpMexican, #GrowingUpArab, and #GrowingUpBengali. The intent of this tag was for people to share stories of their childhood and compare how similar the experience of growing up was. When the other tags started popping up, a few similarities drew attention and brought a small group of people together in their experiences.

There was also an off-shoot with #GowingUpWhite that was surrounded by a lot of controversy, with some claims of racism. To work against the claim of racism though, a black activist has gone to the point to say that “Starting a #GrowingUpWhite hashtag doesn’t make you racists it just proves how white people copy EVERYTHING WE DO.” Read more here.

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