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Getting Americans to Discuss Their Yellow Fever – MMXLII

Getting Americans to Discuss Their Yellow Fever

With the acceptance of diversity it’s hard not to talk about how that leads to more multicultural or interracial relationships. But what some people are uncomfortable talking about is when one ethnic group specifically targets another. For those that find an extreme interest in Asians, it’s something we’ve labeled “Yellow Fever”. And though we may have heard and/or used the term…not discussing it can lead to more ignorance on the subject. After working on her documentary called Seeking Asian Female, a film about an aging white American using online services to find an Asian woman to marry, director Debbie Lum created They’re All So Beautiful. They’re All So Beautiful is a forum on race and dating built around a five-part video series. Below is a trailer for the film Seeking Asian Female.

Seeking Asian Female is an eccentric modern love story about Steven and Sandy—an aging white man with “yellow fever” who is obsessed with marrying any Asian woman, and the young Chinese bride he finds online. Debbie, a Chinese American filmmaker, documents and narrates with skepticism and humor, from the early stages of Steven’s search, through the moment Sandy steps foot in America for the first time, to a year into their precarious union. Global migration, Sino-American relations and the perennial battle of the sexes, weigh in on the fate of their marriage in this intensely captivating personal documentary.All So Beautiful

Keep updated with the web series and discussion on “Yellow Fever” at theyreallsobeautiful.com Episode 1 is live now.

A letter from Debbie Lum as to why these projects are important [Click Here]


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