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Gen Z Is The Most Diverse Generation In U.S. History – MMXLII

Gen Z Is The Most Diverse Generation In U.S. History

MMXLII, the Roman numeral for the year 2042, is the year in which the U.S. Census Bureau reports that people of color will no longer be the minority in the United States. As we push closer toward that year, the first major signs of the future of our country can be see in Generation Z. According to the Harvard Political Review, Generation Z is the most diverse generation in U.S. history with nearly 48% of our youngest generation being non-white.

Generation Z represents the first true generation that has to be spoken to in a diverse and holistic way. The new general audience is officially shifting and it’s time to recalibrate your brand’s marketing to adjust. Representation matters!

Head over to the Harvard Political Review for their full, in-depth analysis.

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