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Foreign Policy Experts React To The “Red Dawn” Remake – MMXLII

Foreign Policy Experts React To The “Red Dawn” Remake

Though some people were excited to see a Red Dawn remake and others felt it was unnecessary, more heated opinions of the film are coming forward.  It seems the movie has created some racial tension.  Tweets over the weekend from viewers mentioned things like feeling patriotic and not liking North Koreans to wanting to go out and do bodily harm to Asians.  There are asian groups that feel the remake unjustly targets the ethnic group.  With the discussion being so prominent, Foreign Policy experts weighed in on the movie.  Apparently the enemy went from Chinese to North Koreans as to not upset business relations with China.  Foreign policy experts go on to explain that a North Korean invasion isn’t so realistic and the circumstances of the movie seems to want to make North Koreans look as more of a threat than necessary and almost rile up a certain sentiment with the country. Click the link below to read the full article.

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