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Ford’s Inappropriate Ad Campaign: Insensitive Miscue or Bigger Issue? – MMXLII

Ford’s Inappropriate Ad Campaign: Insensitive Miscue or Bigger Issue?

Long story short, Ford and marketing agency JWT apologized for this illustrated ad that leaked to the internet for their Figo vehicle. Some say it was social commentary served with tasteless humor and others are calling it a glorification of rape culture. Hit the jump for a closer look at the ad and some more details on the ad.

The ad looks to be based on the allegations of former Prime Minister of Italy Silvio Berlusconi having wild sex parties and engaging in sexual acts with underaged prostitutes. The ad was never finalized and was reported as leaked to the internet so the true intention isn’t spelled out. It seems to suggest as a writer for Clutch Magazine wrote “Hahaha! The Ford Figo has so much room Berlusconi has room to put THREE hoes in the back of it!”

Whether true or not, the bigger issue may be that this ad came from India which is a country already under negative analysis because of their treatment of women and the notion of their existing rape culture there. On the other side of things, it’s becoming a known fact that India’s ads tend to be politically incorrect and sometimes insensitive, at least according to Business Insider. There is a similar ad with Paris Hilton and her reality television competition tied up in the rear. Could these ads be a cultural miscommunication between India and the rest of the world? Or do these ads suggest an objectifying viewpoint of women will sell cars to men? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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