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Dr. Boyce to Tyler, The Creator “Mix it up” – MMXLII

Dr. Boyce to Tyler, The Creator “Mix it up”

A lot has been said about Tyler, The Creator’s offensive ad for Mountain Dew which has since been pulled by the brand. This was initially sparked by an angry blogpost from Dr. Boyce Watkins in which he wrote “Mountain Dew has set a new low for corporate racism”. Tyler, The Creator responded to the criticism in a lengthy interview with Billboard. What started as a heated debate on racism creating an online firestorm of controversy, ended with a more nuanced exchange highlighting the difference in perspective between two adults from different generations. Dr. Boyce also discusses in his video response to Tyler  that who he was really going after was Mountain Dew, because of its connection with Lil Wayne.

In the wake of the controversy, Mountain Dew just announced they were ending their relationship with Lil Wayne over his crude lyric where he compares the beating of Emmett Till to rough sex. A few weeks earlier Reebok dropped Rick Ross for his lyrics about rape. Who do you think share the most responsibility in the way negative stereotypes are spread, the brands or the artists?

“It was crazy. It’s a black guy making this, and if it’s so racist and feeding into stereotypes, why in the first commercial that goes along with it, is there a black male with his Asian wife? In the second commercial, it’s a black male with a professional job as a police officer listening to hardcore rock music — which supposedly the stereotype is that black people don’t listen to that. The stereotypes are what I’m confused on, no one was even thinking about that.” Tyler, The Creator

“The best way to approach these things in the future (…), if you care about your people, you need to have someone sign off to check. (…) You’re dealing with racism more than I do” Dr. Boyce Watkins

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