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Dickies Skate “Skating L.A.” Photo Reel by Atiba Jefferson [VIDEO] – MMXLII

Dickies Skate “Skating L.A.” Photo Reel by Atiba Jefferson [VIDEO]

Here is a very cool photo reel of a members of Dickies‘ Skate team doing what they do around the urban playground of Los Angeles.  What’s interesting to us is how Dickies transcends several cultures, especially in Los Angeles.  Dickies is as prevalent in skate culture as it is in gang culture for Los Angeles.  In these pictures it reminds us of other photoshoots for hip hop artists who use similar backdrops and clothing yet the imagery evokes separate feelings.  The question is why is that?  While one is definitely a criminal lifestyle they are both “rebel” cultures, and if we had skaters and gangsters dress in these same outfits with these same backdrops could we tell the difference these days?

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