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Dear Millennials: You Have The Power – MMXLII

Dear Millennials: You Have The Power

Photo taken from CROSSMARK

“I’ve Got The Power” is more than just a song by SNAP! that was released when most millennials were between 5-8 years of age. It’s also their rally cry. According to a new research project by billionaire funder Tom Steyer, millennials have the power when it comes to the ballot.

They just have to be reminded of it. Oh and, also, don’t call them millennials. They hate that according to the research.

Millennial apathy when it comes to voting is well known. What this study aims to do is to help correct that by divulging what kind of language and marketing can help young, Democratic and Independent voters between the ages of 18-35 to show up to the polls. The biggest takeaway is that they often need to be reminded of their power. The 18-35 age range is the largest voting bloc in the country with over 70 million potential voters but, on average, only 20% of that number shows up in November.

Millennials got the juice now!

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