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Climate Change Should Start With Rethinking How We Make Things – MMXLII

Climate Change Should Start With Rethinking How We Make Things

Talks about climate change are unavoidable no matter what side of the debate you fall on. However, climate change is real andthe science backs it up. It’s time for humanity to make a change if we’re going to have a future to give our children.

According to Fast Company, that change needs to start with rethinking how we make things. While the world has been focusing on renewable energy, which is a major piece of the puzzle, it’s time we focus on production and consumption. Andrew Morlet, chief executive of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, had this to say about production and consumption: “The fact that you can design to repair or remanufacture products significantly increases the value of those products over time and also captures the energy and the inputs that go into creating that product and putting them into people’s hands. If we can keep that energy used longer by having the products used longer, that lowers the energy demand of the system and helps in delivering the climate targets very dramatically.”

Climate change isn’t an easy fix but it’s a problem we need to address now! For more, check out Fast Company’s coverage.

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