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Can Black America Really Trust Silicon Valley – MMXLII

Can Black America Really Trust Silicon Valley

Social Media
Photo taken from HuffPost

It’s no secret that these are very tense times we’re living in. Every time we turn on the TV and get on social media, we’re reminded of the climate in which we live in today. In a day and age where the internet advances information faster than it can be disseminated, social media has become the gatekeeper for what we consume and how we consume it.

But can Silicon Valley really be trusted?

According to the Pew Research Center, the answer is no. African-Americans on social media are much more likely to be offended and exposed to offending speech and content from white users than white users are subjected to the same from African-Americans. Business Insider has also reported that, “What is perhaps more striking is that the study found that Black social-media users who rarely or never discuss race are more likely to see race-related content on social media than whites who frequently talk about race by a margin of 55% to 41%, respectively.”

Algorithms are largely to blame but as Moguldom reported in 2017, Facebook trains its content reviewers to protect white men from hate speech while leaving black children and women unprotected.

What is needed from Silicon Valley is a real, scalable approach to hate speech with clear rules and strict punishments for violators. As it stands now, no one is safe from harassment, hate speech, or even death threats across the social landscape.

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