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Bye Andrew Jackson, Make Room for Harriet Tubman – MMXLII

Bye Andrew Jackson, Make Room for Harriet Tubman

The $20 bill is about to have a huge facelift since 1928, and trust us when we say it’s about time. Here’s the story: slave owner replaced by abolitionist, escaped slave, women’s rights activist, spy, and general bad-ass. US Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew is expected to announce today that he has decided to put abolitionist leader Harriet Tubman on a new $20 bill, according to a spokesman for the Treasury Department.

Harriet Tubman is in front and Jackson is being relegated to the back, and boy does it feel good.

According to NPR:

“We’ll note that Tubman’s appearance on the $20 bill would have a special historical resonance: That’s the same amount she eventually received from the U.S. government as her monthly pension for her service as a nurse, scout, cook and spy during the Civil War, as well as for her status as the widow of a veteran.”

As for Alexander Hamilton, whose position on the face of the $10 bill seemed rather precarious, will remain on the bill thanks to his newfound popularity from the hit Broadway musical. In case you needed a refresher, Hamilton was the US’ first secretary of Treasury.

Women will featured be on the back, along with depictions of several women and civil rights leaders on other currency designs. The new designs, from the Bureau of Engraving and Printing, are expected to roll out in 2020 in time for the centennial of woman’s suffrage and the 19th Amendment to the Constitution.

So who’s excited for those new $20’s?

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