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Are All Of These Prank Videos Simply Veiled Racism? – MMXLII

Are All Of These Prank Videos Simply Veiled Racism?

Here’s the setup. A young white kid goes into working class community and finds a black man minding his own business. The white guy then asks the African-American stranger something that either challenges his manhood or does something threatening/ insulting to that person. Then the antics ensue. Funny?

Not so much. One of the trends to spark a lot of viral attention in recent weeks is a slew of videos that feature this or a very similar  scenario. The videos usually abruptly end when the white kid –claiming its only a prank and pleading for the tension to die down–gets physically assaulted by the black man.

While these videos are gaining a ton of views and making semi-YouTube “celebs” out of the “pranksters”, are they simply another example of the exoticism based fascination that non-African-Americans have with life in the ghetto? The conceptualization alone of these videos are rife with stereotypes. Black men are violent, uneducated, cursed with hair trigger tempers, homophobic and looking to pray on innocent whites. And like a lion gorilla in a cage cell at the zoo local penitentiary, America ogles at the sheer ferocity displayed.

These types of videos have surfaced from beyond regular Worldstarthiphop.com fare and have graduated to popping up consistently in our Facebook and Instagram feeds. But we tend to align more so with one Facebook commenter’s take on the phenomenon.

How is this considered pranks? You walk up to a group of black men and drop racist slander and than call it a prank? These aren’t pranks they are bored white kids trying to get a rise out of young black men in obviously lesser neighbourhoods. This disgusts me actually. What happens when one of these kids get hurt? The black guy minding his own business goes to jail… These idiots are creating trouble where it doesn’t need to exist. Some of the guys on here did react a little extreme… But what do you expect… Absolute idiots and they deserve to get hit.

‘Nuf said. We’d rather watch some kid try the Fire Challenge.

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