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Animals Eating Animals ep. 6: Sweetbread Tacos [VIDEO] – MMXLII

Animals Eating Animals ep. 6: Sweetbread Tacos [VIDEO]

For the season’s last episode of Animals Eating Animals, Jeff and Jan do things a bit different.  Instead of going to a restaurant they cook for their friends.  Mexican is on the menu with tacos being the main entree, but not normal tacos like carne asada or al pastor…they’re making sweetbread tacos.  For those of you not familiar, sweetbreads are a commonly used name for animal parts like pancreas, throat, gullets, heart, stomach and other “meaty” glands.  They are normally prepared by some method(s) of poaching, chilling, drying etc.  You’ll see an example of this method in the clip.  The use of sweetbreads does happen in various Latin American cultures so though you may not see these types of tacos offered everywhere, the use of these fillings aren’t unheard of.  After seeing this would you be brave enough to try these tacos?  If all else fails at least you can learn how to make Ponche Burro [or Donkey Punch].

Animals Eating Animals: Episode 6 from ANIMALNewYork.com on Vimeo.

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