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10 Tasty Fast Foods You Can’t Get in America via USA Today – MMXLII

10 Tasty Fast Foods You Can’t Get in America via USA Today

We’re sure you’ve seen the videos we posted of the show Fast Foods Gone Global and if you were interested in some of those exclusive food items we spotted a few of them in a recent article from USA Today. Hit the jump to see our top 3 picks.

Gouda Shrimp-Cutlet Sandwich: KFC, Japan

Surf and turf is a beloved and traditional menu option in the United States, so why does KFC deny us this sandwich where the “surf” is shrimp and the “turf” is deep-fried cheese? You’ll have to go all the way to Japan if you want to get your hands on the Colonel’s secret weapon, the newest invention in the fast-food arms race: a Gouda Shrimp-Cutlet Sandwich, in which a hunk of cheese is stuffed with shrimp and then deep-fried.

Veg. Shammi: Subway, India

Vegetarians are getting the shaft at American Subways, which have only two meatless options: a sad “Veggie Delite” (a.k.a. salad on a roll) or a floppy “Veggie Patty” (made of no identifiable vegetables known to mankind). Yet in India, they have a buffet of options (literally!). Our favorite is the mouth-watering Veg. Sammi, a kebab made from lentils, garlic, and onion served on fresh bread.

Nacho Fries: Wendy’s, Japan

We bet Dave Thomas is rolling over in his grave at this corruption of Wendy’s classic fries. Indecisive eaters in Japan no longer have to make the wrenching choice between nachos and fries—they can have both with Wendy’s Nacho Fries, a dish of fries topped with guacamole, chili, cheese, and jalapeno peppers. Americans have to trek to both the Wendy’s and Taco Bell drive-through windows if they want to dine on something that awesome. Your move, USA.

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