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Today we look at some of the most bizarre restaurants all over the world.  It’s not really the food items that make it bizarre but more so the themes.  You can eat out of a toilet, underwater, in the sky or go as far as indulging your cannibalistic fantasies.  Yeah, we definitely just said that.  Hit the jump to get all the details.

D.S. Music Restaurant in Taipei, Taiwan boasts a medical theme complete with drinks served from an IV drip bottle…whoa!

Cabbages and Condoms restaurant chain in Thailand…they offer condoms instead of mints after dinner.

Ithaa restaurant in Maldives, Dhivehi sits underwater at the Hilton Maldives Resort & Spa.

Robot Couple Restaurant is the nickname of an eatery in Yiwu because the couple who owned it seemed to work non-stop 21 hours a day with no fatigue.  The secret was it was two couples…one set of identical twins married another…interesting.

Fortezza Medicea in Italy is situated inside of a prison…tables are reserved weeks in advance and patrons are serenaded by Bruno who’s doing life for murder…ummmm.

New Lucky Restaurant in Ahmadabad is just as famous for its graves between tables as it is for its rolls and tea.  Built over an old Muslim cemetary no one one knows who actually is buried in the floor but the man in charge said they are good luck.

Dark Restaurant in Beijing, China is painted completely black and does not allow lights, phones or luminous watches in the dining area.  Patrons are escorted to the table by waiters in night vision goggles.  With your sight gone the theory is your other senses become more enhanced, such as taste.

Dinner in the Sky allows dinner for up to 22 people anywhere in Belgium.  Seat belts are a must…as well as about 8 thousand euros.  Would hate to drop a fork, napkin or worst case a cell phone on the floor at dinner that night.

Marton Theme Restaurant in Kaohsiung Taiwan has a toilet them for their restaurant.  You sit at a toilet and eat from one, and urinals serve as lighting.

Nyotaimori in Japan, which literally means “female body plate”, serves sushi and sashimi on a naked woman’s body.  You may have seen this theme…but here the body is actually food and is placed on an “operating” table giving you a cannibal theme.  All organs, blood, etc is completely edible.

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