WNBA Star Maya Moore Becomes Second Woman To Cover Slam Magazine

Maya Moore


Since its inception in 1994, Slam Magazine has only featured one woman on its cover. Chamique Holdsclaw donned a New York Knicks jersey on the October 1998 cover that recognized her greatness, but also overshadowed her presence with the bolded headline above her that read, “The NBA Lockout Is Over!!!”.


But for Maya Moore, there aren’t any distractions on her cover. As only the second woman to be featured on Slam’s cover – the first in 20 years – this is an important moment not only for Maya but for women and equality. For too long, women’s sports have been plagued with a lack of funding and exposure, which ties directly to the disparity in revenue that women’s sports are able to garner. Most WNBA players are forced to play year round, as they head overseas to earn a living in European and Asian markets only to come home to the States to entry level salaries of only $50,000 a year.
While this cover may not mean much in the bigger picture, it’s a step in the right direction on closing the pay gap.
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