Trayvon Martin 1 Year Later: Gun Control and ‘Stand Your Ground’ Laws Still Controversial in the US [VIDEO]

It’s crazy to think that this happened a year ago and their still doesn’t seem to be a clear inclination of who is right or wrong in this incident. What is clear is a very underlying racial tone that seems to be the explanation as to why this happened and why certain people are taking certain sides. The act as heinous as it was explained to be is by law a reasonable circumstance. With gun control under debate, the “Stand Your Ground” law is being looked at as a law with a possible racist root to it. Hit the jump to see The Young Turks’ discussion on the law and Trayvon Martin, one year later.

Current TV contributor and Brown University Professor Tricia Rose reflects on the death of Trayvon Martin, the 17-year-old teen killed in 2012, throwing Florida’s stand-your-ground laws into the spotlight. – Current


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