Timothy DeLaGhetto Talks Tokenism, YouTube, and Asians in Media [Part 1 of 2, Countdown to 2042]

Rapper, actor, and comedian Timothy DeLaGhetto isn’t just one of the most prominent Asian performers on YouTube, he’s one of the most prominent performers on YouTube, period. DeLaGhetto joined YouTube in its infancy, in September of 2006. Today, he has 1,953,153 subscribers, 510,791,131 views, and supports himself with his earnings as a YouTube celebrity. That following was built not just in the early days of YouTube, but at a time when Asian performers like Tim, who is of Thai descent, faced even greater obstacles to breaking into mainstream media than they do today. DeLaGhetto, though, has not only built the kind of following on YouTube many performers in mainstream media can only dream of, he’s managed to translate that YouTube success into a career in mainstream media, starting with a role as a cast member on Nick Cannon’s Wild’N’Out. In the first half of our two-part interview with Timothy, he tells us about trying to make it on TV as an Asian, connecting with a YouTube audience, and being the token Asian guy on Wild’N’Out.
Our interview with Timothy is just the latest in our series “Countdown to 2042” in which we talk to leaders in entertainment, art, and academia about America’s increasing diversity culture and population. If you liked this interview with Timothy, make sure you don’t miss Part 2, and definitely check out our YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

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