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The Meaning Behind Navajo: Fashion’s Misunderstanding – MMXLII

The Meaning Behind Navajo: Fashion’s Misunderstanding

We came across this article earlier today and felt it necessary to post this.  We saw the trend of Native American patterns in numerous fashion circles, usually referred to as “Navajo”.  Plenty people we’re sure they were feeling culturally in touch as well as giving a platform for acknowledgement to Native Americans.  Well looks like we [generally speaking] were highly mistaken.  There have been enough PR nightmares with large brands and their misrepresentation of Native American imagery and borderline racist looks, so with that in mind it looks like someone is looking to educate the masses on a few things.  Read the quote below and you can see where some things are starting:

“That “Navajo”, “Native”, or “Indian” pattern you love and associate with Native design was created by a non-native who has had no interaction with the Native community.”

“…with these patterns being so recognizable as “Native”, they represent an inaccurate version of the Native aesthetic.”

Click the link below to read the full article and see what’s being done to properly represent Native Americans in the fashion world, and the world period as far as visibility of their traditional dress.

[Full Article]

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