Police Brutality Is Now A Formality…

Those words spit by the Geto Boy’s Brad “Scarface” Jordan have never rang truer than right now. It seems like a day can’t go by without another visage of someone, mostly minorities, getting hammered by the police. After the jump, Vice takes a look at the recent highly publicized case of Eric Garner and the legacy of police brutality on black men. Read More

Timothy DeLaGhetto Talks Tokenism, YouTube, and Asians in Media [Part 1 of 2, Countdown to 2042]

Rapper, actor, and comedian Timothy DeLaGhetto isn’t just one of the most prominent Asian performers on YouTube, he’s one of the most prominent performers on YouTube, period. DeLaGhetto joined YouTube in its infancy, in September of 2006. Today, he has 1,953,153 subscribers, 510,791,131 views, and supports himself with his earnings as a YouTube celebrity. That following was built not just in the early days of YouTube, but at a time when Asian performers like Tim, who is of Thai descent, faced even greater obstacles to breaking into mainstream media than they do today. DeLaGhetto, though, has not only built the kind of following on YouTube many performers in mainstream media can only dream of, he’s managed to translate that YouTube success into a career in mainstream media, starting with a role as a cast member on Nick Cannon’s Wild’N’Out. In the first half of our two-part interview with Timothy, he tells us about trying to make it on TV as an Asian, connecting with a YouTube audience, and being the token Asian guy on Wild’N’Out.
Our interview with Timothy is just the latest in our series “Countdown to 2042” in which we talk to leaders in entertainment, art, and academia about America’s increasing diversity culture and population. If you liked this interview with Timothy, make sure you don’t miss Part 2, and definitely check out our YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

MMXLII Perspective: Thank You, Twitter Racists

Today we’re pleased to announce the start of a new video series, MMXLII Perspectives. In our first video staff writer Joel, dismayed by the recent rash of Internet racism, has a message for the Twitter racists.

Dumbfoundead presents RUN DMZ (Ep. 1 of 6) [video]

New action type web series situated in Koreatown, Los Angeles featuring rappers Wax, Dumbfoundead, musician Breezy Lovejoy. Drops every Tuesday.

“When a new Korean BBQ spot opens up across the street from his mom’s restaurant, old tensions between North and South Koreatown boil over and Jon Park (Dumbfoundead) must take matters into his own hands to hold down the neighborhood.”

Video after the break.

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What type of Asian are You? [video]

This video by Ken Tanaka has been making rounds. It adresses a stereotypical question that most ethnicities get: “what type of____ are you?” The whole point of this video is that if you are of Caucasian, you are less likely to get that question (What type of Caucasian are you anyone?). It’s what’s called the white privilege where being “white” makes your ethnicity a non-relevant question that doesn’t require any explanation or justification. It’s the norm and all the other ethnicities are judged in relation to that norm. This is changing though as MMXLII is here to report, in a near future the norm might be something completely different (in Dave Chappelle’s words, we will all be grey). Video after the break.

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Bourdain Talks Drug Legalization [VIDEO]

In all of his endeavors Anthony Bourdain has come into contact with plenty of interesting people and engaged in some interesting conversations because he’s not one to bite his tongue or be politically correct. In his new show Parts Unknown, the newest episode finds Bourdain in Colombia. Of course he eats and we also showed the clip of him playing a local game that features explosives. In this clip he talks to a mayor in Colombia about how legalizing drugs in the United States would impact life in Colombia. Not your usual table side conversation right? Read More

Jason Collins’ Has the Support of Bill Clinton, David Stern and More… [VIDEO]

The news of first post today is a huge headline and naturally it’s going to receive a reaction. Though it’s not quite any other NBA players making statements so far, some pretty large figures have already come forward in support of Jason Collins’ decision to come forward and declare his homosexuality to the public. These figures are former US President Bill Clinton and current NBA commissioner David Stern. See their words in the video. Read More

The Ties Between Twitter and Terrorism [VIDEO]

When we think of Twitter we think of how far technology has come that we at anytime can access up to the minute updates of information we have interest in. Whether it’s what our friends are doing, what our favorite celebrities are promoting, or news from around the world. For the most part we see it as a positive and a helpful tool. But it seems on the darkside of things, Twitter might be helping the communication, promotion and spread of terrorism. CNN reports in this clip. Read More

Boston Magazine Art Director Explains Cover [VIDEO]

An inspiring cover from Boston Magazine in wake of their recent tragedy. The cover takes shoes from various runners and places them in a heart shape with the quote “We Will Finish The Race”. The art director behind this concept joins CNN to explain her vision. You can also see the full cover and some of the inside pages after the jump. Read More