INSIDE OUT: The People’s Art Project [TRAILER]

We’ve been showing various art projects and content in relation to the French artist JR for some time now. And with each piece of content we see brief insights into his work and where his work has traveled. Now it looks like we’ll get a more concise look into these things and his mission through his artwork in this new film. Watch the trailer after the jump. Read More

WHY…Asian People Are the Way They Are [VIDEO]

Please be clear that this isn’t our opinion nor the creator of this video. But what the internet seemed to suggest to her as she searched for some answers about what people think about her, an Asian woman, is a bit disturbing. Read More

Immigrant Cab Drivers [VIDEO]

Eighty-two percent of NYC cab drivers are immigrants and some of them are trained, experienced professionals in their native countries. Get a closer look to the how and why of this trend after the jump. Read More

Azealia Banks – Harlem Shake [MUSIC VIDEO]

The viral craze of the “Harlem Shake” is apparently everywhere right now and it looks like Azealia Banks is looking to ride that momentum as she releases this video. We’ll let you guys watch the video and weigh in with your thoughts after the jump. Read More

Drake – Started From The Bottom [MUSIC VIDEO]

Right as it was announced via Twitter that Drake had won a Grammy for his album Take Care, he responded with the visuals for the lead single off of his next album. The video illustrates perfectly the spirit of this song and gives some limelight to his eclectic group of friends that were able to climb to the top with him. Check the video after the jump. Read More

Hong Kong; Your City [VIDEO]

This short feature offers what I hope is a fresh take on Hong Kong. By fusing my visuals with interviews from some influential young creatives all from Hong Kong, the series offers what I hope is a fresh take on this fascinating location. – Lester Jones | Video after the jump.

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