Jon Stewart Reacts To The Police Assault In Texas

If you haven’t heard yet, another deplorable footage of police brutality surfaced. This time incident happened in McKinney, Texas. Jon Stewart dedicated big portion of his show on Monday to covering it.

Watch here.

MMXLII’s Guide to Modern Disenfranchisement

The Supreme Court’s recent decision to strike down Section 4 of the Voting Rights Act paves the way for a variety of new laws to restrict voting in states and counties that have historically tried to keep the poor and people of color from casting ballots. In fact, states like Texas, Mississippi, North Carolina, and Florida are already striking while the iron is hot, moving forward with measures that will keep certain voters from casting a ballot in the next election. Here at MMXLII we think the electorate ought to reflect the population, and that everyone who wants to vote should be able to. Which is why we’ve decided to publish this guide to these new voting laws, and how to make sure they don’t keep your voice from being heard next November.
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Texas Cities Lead Nation in Population Growth

Texas is growing fast fueled by oil and gas. Eight of the 15 fastest-growing large U.S. cities and towns for the year ending July 1, 2012 were in Texas, according to population estimates released today by the U.S. Census Bureau.

The Texas cities that added the most people included Houston, San Antonio, Austin, Dallas and Fort Worth. New York, the nation’s largest city, topped the list and was the only city among the top 15 outside the South or West. It added 67,058 people over the year. Three cities were in California: Los Angeles, San Diego and San Jose. New York continued to be the nation’s most populous city by a wide margin, with 8.3 million residents in 2012, followed by Los Angeles and Chicago.

Based on the crude projection from the most recent data we have: Austin will be among the largest ten cities in America by 2024. Three of the fastest growing cities were in the Austin metropolitan area. At the same time, the rural areas of the state continue to decline in Texas as Dallas News reports, except in places near oil and natural gas deposits.


Texas Officials Expect Heavy Casualties [VIDEO]

The news broke last night but we would be remiss in not posting something about the tragedy in Texas. We’re sure you’ve seen footage of the explosion and fire already but we’re going to post this clip of Piers Morgan talking with Dr. George Smith about what kind of damage and injury to expect from this. Read More

Watch Andrew W.K. and Action Bronson Scorch Their Tastebuds [VIDEO]

Besides music, these two are known as huge foodies. Besides a huge the huge music festival of SXSW, Austin TX is known for it’s food stops. So what happens when you get two musical foodies down to Austin? You have them try the famous spicy Ghost wings there. Watch the clip to see how they fared. Read More


Larry Clark’s “Marfa Girl” Wins Best Film at Rome Film Festival. Cultures collide in Marfa, Texas (pop. 1,800) as small town American life intersects with the international art world Read More