Timothy DeLaGhetto Talks Stereotypes and the Proverbial Penis [Countdown to 2042]

We’re back this week with the second half of our two-part interview with rapper, comedian, and YouTube star Timothy DeLaGhetto. In this week’s video, Timothy discusses how his comedy has been influenced by The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, the “little dick” Asian stereotype, and his desire to change attitudes towards Asian American men.
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Asians At Work [VIDEO]

A great video we ran across last night that we wanted to share with you all. Though the video looks to be a humorous poke at “typical Asian” behavior, we can spot behaviors that other ethnicities have as well. Many Millennials are taking part in these same behaviors. Take a look and let us know if any of these scenes remind you of yourself and/or some of your Asian friends in this clip. Brought to you by Jinnyboy TV. Read More

They’re All So Beautiful: Ep 2 | Do You Have to Be White to Have “Yellow Fever”?

Last week we introduced you to Debbie Lum and her new online forum project to create open dialogue about race and dating, in particular of the Asian race and the idea of “yellow fever”. Episode 2 is here as this week’s discussion asks if one has to be white to have “yellow fever”? Hit the jump for the episode 2 and details on how to join this conversation. Read More

WHY…Asian People Are the Way They Are [VIDEO]

Please be clear that this isn’t our opinion nor the creator of this video. But what the internet seemed to suggest to her as she searched for some answers about what people think about her, an Asian woman, is a bit disturbing. Read More

Asian Americans Attack Cultural Labels at Summit on Stereotypes via LA Times

A quick recap of the first ever “Beyond the Bad and the Ugly,” a summit on Asian American stereotypes. The event allowed Asian-Americans, including activists, bloggers, academics and more to meet and discuss stereotypes and image issues within their communities. As the Asian-American community starts to see their impact on society it’s interesting to see more events like this transpire. Read More

Which Kind of Asian is This [VIDEO]

Sometimes comedy is one of the best ways to laugh at stereotypes, race, ethnicity, cultures and differences overall, if it’s done in a clever way. We’ve highlighted various comedians such as Baratunde Thurston and Hari Kondabolu that poke some fun at race, cultures, etc to help understanding. BUT then there are times where some people seem to cross the line. Our friends at Angry Asian Man took exception to this one. Comedian Anthony Jeselnik is known for dark comedy and looking to push the envelope and in this section of his Comedy Central show The Jeselnik Offensive he looks to educate the audience on the differences of cultures and how to best offend them? Hit the jump and let us know what you all think? Read More

New Mandarin Imagery for Iron Man 3 Promo, Confused Yet?

We talked about the mis-casting for the role of The Mandarin in the next installment of the blockbuster Iron Man franchise and some of the backlash that created. Well add more looks of confusion once you see the new poster. He looks more like an American hippie than a Far Eastern villain. The other questions some have is if the character will do or have any stereotypical Asian traits or make any references to Asian culture. If the character does, what will that portray to viewers as it comes from a non-Asian man? We’ll all see this summer. Hit the jump for the poster. Read More